About Us
Baiyin Yizhichangtong super micro wre Co.,Ltd.was founded in November 2015 and belongs to Baiyin Nonferrous Metals Group covers an area of neary 50,000 square meters, now equpped Co.,LTD.(Stock no.601212)The companys produclion base with 800 sets of integrated wre drawing machine(sets),140 lacquer production ines,an annual outpt of 0.011~0.800mm enameled wire 15,000 tons,can be customzed poduction of various categories of products The company has been providing high-quality micro-enameed wie products for high-end relays, micro motors,igniion coils,small electronic transformers, precision solenoid contro valves, high-pecison sensors and other clectronc components and has established a stable and reliable ong-term strategic partnership with customers.